Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could sit in a chair for a few minutes and when you got up to leave, your addiction was simply gone?

It’s easy to think this must be some sort of hypnosis or perhaps the work of some spiritual guru with chakra magnets he found at the edge of a volcano while communing with his forefathers.


This is next level, cutting edge technology we’re talking about here and it’s based on a lot of relatively new knowledge concerning the addicted brain. It’s still being tested to make sure the results are repeatable but this does look very promising. And while it may not work for all addictions, it could be a big step toward other, similar treatments that do work. For more information, please check out the National Geographic article below.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Addiction

In addition to describing the treatment process of TMS, it relates the story of a cocaine addict that had failed to let go of his addiction for his entire adult life. After treatment with TMS, his desire for cocaine disappeared and he feels like he has his life back. I don’t know about you, but for me, this is some pretty exciting stuff. You can count on me keeping track of this technology and treatment as time goes on. I’ll be sure to update this site with any and all developments.

I would like to add here that this shouldn’t be construed as some magic pill that would fix everything in a person’s life. There are still reasons addiction takes hold in the first place those must be addressed in order to truly conquer it. Sure, this treatment might allow someone addicted to cocaine to be free of that substance but if he hasn’t straightened out the imbalance in his life yet, he may still be primed for some other addiction. So while this technology represents science at its best, it’s no shortcut. Therapy and some effort in figuring out the shortcomings in one’s life is still going to be a big deal. Some might say, the biggest.


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